ALL Shows are presented by “Nature” Nick and typically run 45-50 minutes (this can be altered to your needs) and will typically feature 7-10 exotic animals from all over the world! Unfortunately due to animal availability & health as well as constantly changing laws, we can never guarantee a particular animal for a show. Please email Nick at for pricing information!


“Nature” Nick holds two degrees in Childhood Education in New York. So it comes as no surprise that we specialize in school shows! His shows are comical, fast-paced, and most importantly; educational. He is familiar with lesson planning and the NYSED learning standards and ensures that all of our shows seamlessly incorporate them.

We can incorporate our Animal Adventures show into just about any theme (ie: desert, water, rainforest, reading themes, adaptations, ecology, etc).

Animal Adventures is extremely affordable and can be adapted for any school budget. We offer BIG multiple booking discounts for multiple school assemblies! We travel to any school on the east coast!

Now Booking for 2022 Library Shows

Click to see clip from our 2016 Library Show!

We just developed our 2022 library show where Nature Nick will introduce you to some of the most exotic animals in the world. We are very affordable and offer a BIG multiple booking library discount, be sure to ask. Our library shows are so popular there is usually only standing room only!

Private Parties

Fun for birthdays, corporate events, and picnics and appropriate for all ages! Nature Nick has performed for numerous celebrities and their families and would love to come out for your party! No party is too big or too small!

Fairs, Stage Shows, Festivals, Trade Shows, Expos, & Amusement Parks

Nature Nick has performed at numerous fairs and trade shows throughout New York and the Northeast. We typically offer three 30-40 minutes shows per day and come completely self-contained. All that is required is a level area and electrical access-that’s it! We are the most affordable wildlife act in the country email for more info!

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

Does your Wildlife Park or Zoo offer any type of entertainment for your guests? Unfortunately animals are not always visible to every single guest at every point of the day. By bringing Nature Nick’s Animal Adventures in, you can offer your guests an up-close and personal look at some interesting wildlife; all while being entertained! *We always provide USDA health certificates from our veterinarian before entering any zoological facility*

With degrees in speech communications and education, Nick also offers consultation and training services for Zoos and their staff wishing to produce long-term educational stage shows.

Studio Work

Being only 50 miles outside of NYC, we routinely provide animals for TV and Print Ads. Use our rare night monkey for your next ad or our impressive Eagle Owl for a Halloween-themed commercial! We have provided animals for The Wendy Williams Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Petkeeping with Marc Morrone, Fox & Friends, Good Day NY, PIX11 News, Good Morning America, and The Today Show!

Always available at a moment’s notice for morning NYC-based TV segments, you can use “Nature Nick” as your acting animal expert the next time a zoo or wild animal makes headlines! Complete with an unusual animal, his khaki safari uniform, and witty NY-style humor he will be sure to attract ratings for your next animal show!

star New!


We are now offering top quality and innovative displays with our exotic animals! We will supply two white 10’x10′ tents and have it completely decorated with a tropical/safari theme. A display will typically feature: 1-2 birds of prey (Falcon/Owl), 1-2 birds (parrot/kookaburra), and 1-2 monkeys! Our animals are never displayed in cages or behind plexiglass-only free on perches or open-topped pens! The display can last from 2-8 hours dependent on the client’s needs. Nature Nick can also add periodic shows throughout the day upon client’s request.