Animal Profiles


Please be advised that 90% of our animals are rescues, taken in as zoo “rejects” or as confiscated pets. By booking with Animal Adventures you help to maintain our mission of Wildlife rescue and Education.


barbaryfalconSpecies: Barbary Falcon

Background: Barbie was acquired from a raptor breeder in upstate New York who specializes in providing birds of prey to zoos and animal trainers.

Interesting Fact:  Falcons are the fastest animals in the world-not cheetah’s. Although cheetahs can sprint at 65-70 miles an hour, a falcon can fly at speeds of over 200 miles an hour-that’s faster than a Nascar!


owlmonkeySpecies: Owl Monkey

Background: Abu was given to us from a zoo in New Jersey that was closing down. Abu has settled right into his surroundings here at Animal Adventures and is now one of our most popular animals!

Interesting Fact:  Owl or “Night” monkeys are the world’s only nocturnal monkeys. Unlike most monkeys which can see in color the owl monkey can only see in black in white, which helps them navigate in the dark.


tarzanSpecies: Common Squirrel Monkey

Background:Tarzan was given to us by a zoo in upstate NY when his mate passed away. Through intense training and rehabilitation we were able to integrate Tarzan into our shows. During our shows he will usually show off his ability to dissect marshmallows!

Interesting Fact: Squirrel monkeys have the largest brain to body ratio of any monkey!


Burmese PythonSpecies: Albino Burmese Python

Background: Cheesecake was donated to us from a zoo in Pennsylvania that was shutting down.  He is a beautiful and gentle snake who has helped many people overcome their fear of these unique creatures!

Interesting Fact: There are feral populations of Burmese pythons living wild in the Florida Everglades.  Many of them are escaped pets who are able to easily adapt to the humid warm environment.



Leona the LemurSpecies: Ringtail Lemur

Background: Leona was donated to us from a Zoo in the Catskill Mountains of NY.  She was born blind and because of this she was bullied by the other lemurs who shared her exhibit. Her keepers tried  numerous times to integrate her into their colony but failed every time and decided she would do better in an educational facility like Animal Adventures.

Interesting Fact: Very few lemurs can walk, instead they will usually choose to hop when traveling on the ground!


Russell The WallabySpecies: Bennetts Wallaby

Age: 8 Months old

Background: Russell (Crowe) was flown to us from Minnesota as a bottle-fed baby and adores the attention of people. Unlike other wallabies, which are often nervous and shy, Russell is very outgoing and thrives on the attention of a large group.

Interesting Fact: Wallabies are Marsupials just like Koalas, Wombats, Opossums, and Kangaroos.



Tinkerbell The Fennec FoxSpecies: African Fennec Fox

Age: 8 Months old

Background: Tinkerbell came to us at 12 weeks old from a breeder in Los Angeles and was so small that she could fit in the palm of your hand!

Interesting Fact: Fennec Foxes are the smallest species of fox in the world

Brutus and Nero

alligatorSpecies: American Alligators

Background: These little guys were given to us by Stephen Keszey of Discovery Channel’s “Swamp Brothers” and were shipped up to us from Florida at only 2 months old!

Interesting Fact: Adult male alligators can attain a size of 12 feet long and weigh over 1000 pounds!


coatiSpecies: Coatimundi

Age: 4 Months old

Background: Is that an anteater?! Is a common question we get when Pinocchio comes out of his travel cage; but in fact this odd-looking animal is actually more closely related to the raccoon than the ant eater!

Interesting Fact: Coatimundis absolutely love the smell of perfume and will actually rub it into their tails when given the opportunity!

Lady Juanita

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

Age: 14 years-old

Background: Lady Juanita came to us from a finch breeder who saw no purpose in keeping a talking parrot. Juanita seems to be the clown of the group and delights in showing off her speaking skills for our audiences!

Interesting Fact: The oldest amazon parrot lived to be 104 years-old-and spent most of his life in Alaska!


Species: African Hedgehog

Background: Sprinkles was given to us by Long Island animal expert, Marc Morrone and has proven to be a wonderful addition to Animal Adventures.

Interesting Fact: Hedgehogs are not related to porcupines in any way shape or form.


Species: Australian Kookaburra

Age: 1 year-old

Background: Kooka was given to us by a lawyer who kept her as a household pet until his wife grew tired of her 6:00 AM wake-up calls and the frozen mice that had to be kept on hand to feed this unique bird.  Kooka is now an accomplished performer and regularly shows off her shrill call with every audience.

Interesting Fact: In their native country of Australia, kookaburras are referred to as “the bushman’s alarm clock”.